The Diligent Watchman with Clinton Kowach

Finding the Truth is becoming harder everyday. We must continue using the Bible as our guide otherwise we will fall to the Great Deception! May God guide you on your journey!

5-10-18 The world is getting darker by the day. We must be the light that God instructed us to be, otherwise there will be noone left to be the light during this dark time!

5-10-18 Our world is crumbling all around us and everyone is pointing the finger at the younger generation.  Maybe they are not the issue?

5-9-18 President Trump has pulled out of the Iranian Nuclear deal and has set the Middle East in motion toward destruction!

5-7-18 The clashes between Israel and Gaza has caught international attention.  There have been hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries in this struggle and the violence will continue until all out war has broken out.  Israel has already declared that this is war and there is nothing to stop them from bringing their full force against Gaza.

5-7-18  We are witnessing massive Earth changes around the Globe.  The entire world is watching what is going on in Hawaii, but this is just the beginning!


Twitter: @Endtime_Tribune with Matthew Miller and Brian Ingram

5-2-18 It is widely known that Israel has Nuclear weapons but they have never officially came out and said so.  Now President Trump openly states that Israel's Nukes are not available for negotiation.  What is going on?

4-30-18 The hatred of the Jewish people has been present throughout history but is on a rise globally.  The Bible tells us that this same persecution will come upon the Christians during the End Times.  Will this event be what brings the Jews to Christ?

5-1-18 War has started in the Middle East.  This was talked about within Scripture and we are witnessing a very destructive development that will impact the entire world.


Twitter: @Endtime_Tribune with Matthew Miller and Brian Ingram

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